Free personal academic license

We provide faculty, students, or staff at a degree-granting academic institution a free unlimited size license. The free academic license can only be used for research in academic institutions or educational purposes.

Please submit the license request form to obtain a license which:

  • includes all features except AMPL.
  • is size unrestricted.
  • is valid for one year. However, you can apply an infinite number of times using the license request form.

Free academic institution license

Universities who wants to use MOSEK in the classroom or make MOSEK available at the campus network can obtain free of charge a number of floating licenses (typically around 50 users but negotiable), that is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely number of times.

Before obtaining the license the academic institution license has to be accepted on-line. In case you are interested in obtaining a license then please email the following information

  • university name and address
  • university main web address
  • name and email of the primary contact
  • number of licenses
  • hostname
  • host id
  • alternative email address. (The address of the person installing the license)
  • a brief description of the intended use of MOSEK

to MOSEK sales.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR AN INTSTITUITION LICENSE IF YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL USER. Use a personal academic license mentioned above. It easier and faster to obtain.