The MOSEK license file is tied to a unique id which normally is a MAC address. This implies that the license server can only be installed on one computer. If this is not desirable, a method of using MOSEK on multiple non networked computers is to tie the license file to an id provided by an USB dongle. In that case the license can be installed on any computer. However, only the computer that has the dongle attached can use MOSEK. It is important to observe that:

  • All the dongle does is to provide a unique id.
  • After the dongle installation you must install the license server on the computer. The installation of the license server is independent of whether a dongle is employed or not.

Dongle driver download and installation

Before installing the license server the dongle itself should be installed using the platform specific instructions. Detailed information about the Flexlm manager and the dongle can be found in the License Administration Guide. If the installation causes problems, then please contact MOSEK support.


The dongle drivers are supported on:

  • Redhat 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.
  • SUSE 9.x, 10.x and 11.x.

Please note that Ubuntu is not supported.

To install the dongle driver please download the driver below:

And follow the installation instructions.


The dongle can be installed on MacOSX by doing the following:


Dongle installation for flexid 10 dongles on Windows

In order to install the dongle driver perform the following steps:

  • Make sure you have administrative rights on your computer.
  • Remove all dongles attached to the computer.
  • Attach the MOSEK dongle to the computer.
  • Download drivers Windows 32/64bit.
  • Run the installer.
  • Reattach any dongle that has been removed previously.

Dongle installation for flexid 9 dongles

For flexid 9 dongles used by older versions of MOSEK please use the driver below.


The dongle driver can be uninstalled with the command

FLEXId_Dongle_Driver_Installer.exe /remove